Welcome to the illustration site!

This is the very new blog site of illustrator Lorraine Dey.  It will feature monthly articles containing various information for the graphic designer and illustrator with a focus on children’s publications, picture books and game illustrations.

I will be discussing methods, helpful tips and practical solutions, as well as linking to valuable support sites and related event listings, etc.  I look forward to sharing what I have learned over the past 30 years in this industry.  I hope you will find the information useful and that it is of some assistance to those who are beginning their own journey in this exciting industry.

My first blog post will be for September on “Transitioning from traditional to digital illustration”, and I will be including a new topic every month as well as a “Free vector of the month”, randomly chosen “image of the month” from a selection of some of my royalty-free stock work, and my “illustrator’s choice- blog or web site of the month”.  Thank you for visiting… please check back again soon for the current month’s topic of discussion.  Feel free to send me any topic or site/blog suggestions.  Enjoy!

Lorraine Dey

illustrator – Deystudio, LLC

One thought on “Welcome to the illustration site!

  1. Hi Lorraine

    I am an illustrator enjoying the creation of light hearted feel-good scenes, normally in acrylic paint. Recently I was very fortunate to have received commissions to illustrate school work-books for grade 2 and 3 learners. The book-project was on a very tight deadline and in the interest of expediency; the illustrations were pencilled by me, scanned and then digitally colour rendered by someone else.

    After completion of the school project, the prospect of exploring digital colour rendering seemed to be worthwhile skill to also add to my portfolio. Having a good working knowledge of CorelDraw for vector illustrations, it seemed only logical to explore the suite’s digital painting abilities, which turned out to be quite impressive. CorelDraw was good, but I felt that I needed more control to realistically simulate traditional media and finally settled on Corel Painter 11, which is a very competent but still fairly affordable package.

    Trying to find freelance work to put my new skills to use was another story though. It seems that there are plenty of opportunities available, but most job adverts are dominated by a requirement for Adobe – (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc) skill. The Adobe software is hugely expensive, especially for freelancers and there is a steep learning curve to reach the same level of skill when acquiring a new package. Time which a freelancer often don’t have. Sure the output is the same whether one uses Corel or Adobe? A ‘jpg’ is a ‘jpg’, or a ‘tiff’ is a ‘tiff’ file? Many of the packages are also capable of saving the source file in a different – more compatible format. Or am I missing something?

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