Back to basics…

I’m going to be doing more traditional sketching and painting in future days. I feel it will help my book art to get back to some basics and take a break from the computer once in a while.

Beach Dunes – IBSP

Check out the new Facebook page to follow my progress as I get back to dragging my French easel around during my travels.

Of course I am still illustrating children’s books. Currently working on a coloring book and a 2nd in the “Charlie” series of books.

Available soon.

Illustrator – Lorraine Dey

Braving youtube videos…

“Charlie ” Read-Aloud.

Deystudio Art -A channel on YouTube is children’s book illustrator, Lorraine Dey’s newest venture. You can now find story book “read-aloud” videos, “Art on the go”, “Inspired by Nature” and more on the channel. Please hit the SUBSCRIBE link/button to have access to brand new uploads and see Lorraine’s newest book releases being read out loud for the young viewing audience. 😊