Author/Illustrator Lorraine Dey

Lorraine DeyAward-Winning Author/Illustrator

Children’s artist/designer Lorraine Dey, founder of Deystudio, LLC, (book publishing services for independent authors) utilizes her 35+ years of experience to create personalized illustrations and designs for children’s books, games, toys and paper goods, as well as patterns for apparel and home products such as bath and kitchenware. Lorraine works in a wide range of styles but her focus is colorful, emotive animal and children’s characters in books and textile graphics. Combining her fun and stylistic capability with experience as an Art Director, she provides clients with superior quality designs. In her writing and illustrating of children’s books, Lorraine focuses on the joy of children’s art through the expressive faces and movements of the characters. She uses the latest software and design technology to create visually vibrant and whimsical characters. Lorraine is also available for Educational School Visits. She tailors her presentation style depending on the size and age of the school group. When Lorraine is not at her computer or sketching the next book, you can find her on the tennis court, at the beach, on a bike ride or kayaking on a lake.

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