A book-in-the-works!

I am taking on another book project. I am currently sketching out the page illustrations for a book I am working on.  It features “Jodie”, a little tiger cat that has no stripes!?! This sketch from the preliminary pages is perfect for this week’s IF image.  The topic is “Separated”. Look for more on Jodie coming very soon. 🙂

Look for more on “Jodie” and the new book…”My Cat Wears Blue” by Lorraine Dey.

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Black and White Art!

I’m working on my B&W art style…

First, I have to say how sorry I am that I have neglected this blog for way too long.  I am going to change up the format a little so that it is a easier for me to make regular posts.  I will be posting my work in progress, my “Illustration Friday” entries, and news and updates as far as my work and publication efforts go.

This week’s IF image is for the subject “Brigade”. Click on image to view it at a larger size.

I may add interesting things that I have learned in this industry and helpful tips for other illustrators from time to time, but I will be turning my efforts over to my drawing table.  I will also be posting sketches that are in progress, letting you in on current projects, and upcoming new projects. I hope you will keep coming back, and please feel free to comment!! 😉 Happy Holidays!

Lorraine Dey – author/illustrator


Inside the illustrator’s Studio

Inside the Artist/Illustrator’s Studio

I always find it interesting as an illustrator to see the various work spaces of fellow artists.  We are very similar in that most of our work is done in solitude, we enjoy the work we do, and we are inspired by each other.

However our differences show in our work spaces and how we actually do the work… the tools we use, the reference, and the decor… of course the decor! 😉 Just kidding… most of us work amoung stacks of art boards, supplies, paper and books.  I know for myself, I work much better if my space is organized somewhat and if things are getting out of hand, I have to take time to get it straightened out before I can really dive into that next project I need to illustrate.

I decided to take you on a mini-tour of a few artist’s studio spaces.  I will share some of my own studio images as well as several other artist’s.  We will start with mine…

Lorraine Dey’s Studio

Since I do the majority of my finished work on the computer as digital paintings in Adobe Photoshop or vector art in Adobe Illustrator, my studio is predominantly based around my computer set up.  I also have a small art table for my initial sketching and pencil roughs, (although I usually sketch while sitting in my recliner or in a beach chair if possible!)

Fine artists like Todd White paint at their easels while digital artists sit at a computer for hours.

Above photo is Susan Sorell Hill’s studio

Above photo is Mike Weber’s Studio

The studio space is one that truly reflects the style and personality of the artist. They range from the eclectic and fun, to the sophisticated and organized. Check out some of the photo links below for more artist’s studios…

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you enjoyed the tours. 😉

Lorraine Dey

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Featured image for this month…(from my RF stock portfolio)

“Get Ready For School Visits”

Get Ready For School Visits

First, I am so sorry for totally skipping July’s blog posting. It was “one of those months”. Happy to be back and focusing on my work once again.

This month’s topic is inspired by a NJ-SCBWI conference I attended in June. I learned a great deal about getting set up for school and library visits. I thought I’d share a little of what I learned there.

Author, Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen offered an enlightening seminar on preparing yourself for the marketing end of things, the seminar was titled “School Visits as a Business”.  Just by viewing her “event kits” and “educator’s guides” you can learn a lot about what types of things you might need to prepare and set up when getting ready to promote your book through school visits.

I also attended a talk led by Kristin Venuti, author of “Leaving The Bellweathers”.  Her seminar was titled “Yikes! I Sold My Book. Now What?”  Kristin was helpful in many ways but one that stands out is the answer to my question, “Who do you actually send your school and library visit/marketing materials to?”

Besides the usual local newspapers/PR, when you want to promote a book signing, you can send your brochures and Bio to PTA presidents, Library Directors and School Librarians.  The work comes up-front in compiling your list and sending the info. out but you should keep that list going so you can build on it for the next book. (Because there will be a next book once you’ve been bitten by the bug). 😉  Here is another PR avenue to try…a listing of Parenting Magazines.

I am very fortunate that I have experience as a graphic designer and I can produce my promotional materials myself, but as Sudipta shared in her seminar…you can develop something that works just fine by using your own computer and online affordable digital printing services.  Be creative in preparing your material and have fun with it.  Create activity pages to include in your educator’s guide.  This can be something as simple as a cooking recipe that kids can make. A simple desert or drink that uses the same name of one of your main characters for example: “The Duncan Ice Slush”.  If you are an illustrator, create a coloring page with a B&W line art image from your book.  The more you offer the educators in support of your book, the more likely they are at inviting you in to the classroom.   More on School Visits from the experts.

On a personal note: My first picture book, “A Sweater For Duncan” will be released next month and I am sending out my own promotional brochures, etc. for visits and book signings.  To keep up with the schedule of events and “Duncan” happenings, visit the official site at: http://sweaterforduncan.wordpress.com

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Lorraine Dey

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Vector vs Raster digital Art

Vector vs Raster digital Art

This month I thought I’d talk a little about the differences of digital vector art and digital raster art and why I choose one style over the other when illustrating a project.  Most of my children’s book art is done in Adobe Photoshop as raster digital files.  I choose this style for a more painted look to the finished art.  Using a Wacom tablet and stylus pen, I literally paint the image in a style of brush strokes similar to my traditional painting style in hopes of not looking too digitally produced. 

Pages 6 and 7 from a picture book, “The Rain Forest Party” written and illustrated by Lorraine Dey and available in the Fall of 2011 from Raven Tree Press.

I almost always create a pencil sketch first.  Then I scan the sketch to a digital JPG file on the computer and use the sketch as a basis for painting in the color and details in layers over the sketch.  Most of the work I create for istockphoto as royalty-free licensed art is done as a vector digital file.  I create a large amount of work in vector style with Adobe Illustrator CS for freelance clients as well.  Here is a vector chef that was commissioned by T.Marzetti Company for use on their website as well as large display signs.  A vector file is scalable to any size without losing clarity therefore it was a perfect choice for this project.  The style was requested by the client.

Both styles will begin as a sketch that is scanned into the computer before beginning final work on the illustration.  Vector art is perfect for technical and educational work such as instructional illustrations and charts.  The clean, sharp edges and ability to scale to any size make it ideal for everything from web icons to full size bill boards or vehicle graphics.

Here is a tutorial on using the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator… The basics of vector illustration.

Here is a quick and simple vector tutorial video…Light Ribs.

Here is a high-speed video of a raster digital painting being produced… Spider Man.

For more instruction on creating digital illustration images in various programs try a visit to Lynda.com   Enjoy!

Lorraine Dey

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