Working on 4 books right now…2 more next month!

I am struggling with making deadlines for four books currently. I love what I do…just wish I could clone myself sometimes. Lol

Looking forward to the final color work on this one, “The Christmas Berry” written by Canadian author Lisa Young and illustrated by me. I am currently illustrating her new revised version of this award winning little story.


I will keep you posted on progress of all the books! 🙂


A book-in-the-works!

I am taking on another book project. I am currently sketching out the page illustrations for a book I am working on.  It features “Jodie”, a little tiger cat that has no stripes!?! This sketch from the preliminary pages is perfect for this week’s IF image.  The topic is “Separated”. Look for more on Jodie coming very soon. 🙂

Look for more on “Jodie” and the new book…”My Cat Wears Blue” by Lorraine Dey.

Happy Holidays! Thanks for stopping in. 🙂


Black and White Art!

I’m working on my B&W art style…

First, I have to say how sorry I am that I have neglected this blog for way too long.  I am going to change up the format a little so that it is a easier for me to make regular posts.  I will be posting my work in progress, my “Illustration Friday” entries, and news and updates as far as my work and publication efforts go.

This week’s IF image is for the subject “Brigade”. Click on image to view it at a larger size.

I may add interesting things that I have learned in this industry and helpful tips for other illustrators from time to time, but I will be turning my efforts over to my drawing table.  I will also be posting sketches that are in progress, letting you in on current projects, and upcoming new projects. I hope you will keep coming back, and please feel free to comment!! 😉 Happy Holidays!

Lorraine Dey – author/illustrator

“Working With a Development Editor.”

“Working With a Development Editor.”

Many picture book illustrators decide to try their hand at writing the manuscript as well as illustrating a picture book.  I took that plunge this Fall and created a manuscript for a picture book with a working title of “Hector-Armando’s Big Rain Forest Party”. 

sneak-preview sketch… 

Since this was my first attempt at writing one, I hired a development editor to help me in making sure the plot, characters, and narrative, all flowed properly.  I contacted Simone Kaplan who was very easy to work with.  For me, the use of an editor was crucial and in working with Simone, I gained a great deal of insight into the writing process and learned so much from her.  Thank you Simone!

NOTE: I have submitted the manuscript to the publisher and will let you know as soon as I hear any news, (good or bad).  Wish me luck!

There are several different types of editors you can hire to help finalize and polish your story.  Since I had a particular publisher in mind when creating this manuscript, I felt that I needed to concentrate more on the actual structure of the book.  A copy editor will correct things like punctuation, spelling, etc. but the publisher I am focused on already has a copy editor and so I needed to use more of a development editor for help with the foundation of the story and characters.

I came across this old SCBWI France Interview with Simone when she was still working as an editor at Harper Collins in 2001. (though I’m not sure she’ll appreciate me pulling this from the dust pile).

Here is some valuable information on getting your manuscript read and out of the publisher’s slush pile.  This is a helpful article by another editor, Harold Underdown.

And here is a great article on what editor Cheryl Klein  likes to see in an artist’s portfolio. Also, Cheryl has a great post on “How to write a query letter”.

Don’t be afraid to use an editor for your first manuscript.  It is well worth the effort. 

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